Why You Should use TrueVPN?

The Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are very useful, whether you’re traveling the world or just using public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop in your hometown.

TrueVPN is an VPN app that you can download from Apple’s AppStore.

What is VPN?

For those who don’t know, a VPN allows you to create a secure connection with another network over the internet. It can be used to shield your browsing activity from the public and to access sites that are banned or unavailable in your region.


If you reading this you been tracked and you probably don’t even know it.
You probably thinking, Who cares? i’m not important. They can watch what they wants ..etc

That is what they wants you to believe. but the truth is. What if it’s for more than just ads or sales? What if there’s much larger scheme in place? That’s carefully put together to manipulate what you see, what you hear, and believe. In other words, You’re being brain watched.

Your data is being sold is not the only problem.

It’s also being sold for other reasons, worst reasons, You’re being profiled.
Wether it be political persuasion or what the men in black suits want people of your type to be looking at. But online is .. It’s Ultimate control, Rule of our society, Censorship and manipulation

Do you see and read the same news that someone with abused political believe sees?

Do you read the same news that someone of a different race or someone who makes more income than you sees.

What about your children?
Are they recalling being given an equal shot? Or is everything predetermined. So, Who is behind what pops up and what doesn’t?

Some services chooses what to show you before you even press enter.

You’re probably asking yourself.. What can i do about it?


For as long as the internet has existed, there has been a need for protocols to keep data private and secure.

Yes, You can protect yourself and protect your family by using a VPN.

But have you ever thought about traffic-logging?

Some VPN providers logs and even sell your traffic data, and you probably don’t even know it also.

What makes TrueVPN a Truly trusted VPN Provider

Here’s what TrueVPN stand for, The primary focus for using TrueVPN is to be private and secure with NO traffic logs because this is the main reason for VPN existence.

Unlike other VPN app, TrueVPN is not just a VPN app, It’s built to provide the best security tools all-in-one app.

Competitive advantages of TrueVPN

  • No Traffic Logs! — Your privacy is always yours!
  • No Volume and speed restrictions of Internet traffic.
  • TrueVPN covers almost worldwide locations
  • Reliable and fast servers.

What Makes TrueVPN Better than Others?

TrueVPN believe in future, When TrueVPN team decides to do something, it must meet their premium standards.

With TrueVPN you’ll get the following futures:

  • One account works on all of your devices
  • Clean & Easy to use UI
  • Widget — One Click to Connect
  • AdBlocker — Block Ads & Trackers while browsing
  • Multiple Servers — With optimal location detection
  • Ultrafast VPN Servers with support of Dedicated IPs
  • Especially-made VPN servers for Streaming and Gaming
  • Ability to control & change which VPN protocol you want to use.
  • Support of IKEV2, IPSec L2TP
  • Add & Manage custom VPNs
  • Add unlimited VPN Rules & configurations
  • Advanced, TrueVPN allows you to add your own VPNs to the app.
  • Block web trackers and stay private
  • Support of Haptic feedbacks
  • Automatically connects you to the fastest VPN Server
  • Shake to Connect — Shake your device to connect instantly
  • SpeedTest — Analyze your connection speed within the app.
  • Dark-mode is supported on TrueVPN.
  • In-App AI-Powered virtual assistant for help & support


  • TrueVPN has a dynamic widget to let connect to the right server easily!


  • TrueVPN has a content blocking extension which block ads and trackers


  • TrueVPN gives you access to all websites and applications, at school, at work or anywhere on the road.


  • TrueVPN lets you surf the web anonymously with no concern about being tracked by your ISP or anybody else as your IP will be changed.


  • TrueVPN secures your device’s connection while you’re connected to public wifi hotspots, cellular data networks, and other public locations. It works just like a free proxy but it’s even more secure. Your password and your personal data is secured and you are protected from hacker attacks.


  • TrueVPN is fast! It detects your location automatically and connects you to the nearest server; as a result, your connection will be much faster than other providers.

TrueVPN App

TrueVPN designed just for your iPhone and iPad, so you can Get it Free from AppStore.

TrueVPN vs Others Apps

Comparing TrueVPN vs other is like comparing a Ferrari to other med-flag brand, TrueVPN stands out from its competitors in many ways.

  1. Pricing – TrueVPN offers a premium subscription starts from $1.99 while others offers their premium subscription starting from $5.99 or even $9.99
  2. Security — The primary focus for TrueVPN is security & privacy, so it uses a premium servers with Ultra-High Encryption to keep you safe, In addition to that, While other VPN providers are logging your traffic, TrueVPN is honored with its Zero-log privacy policy.
  3. Extended Security — TrueVPN App includes a built-in content blocker & Firewall tools to maximize your privacy control & security while others just provides a VPN with ridiculously high pricing.
  4. Control — TrueVPN makes its users to control everything, from Adding their custom VPN servers to the ability to connect using Widgets & motion detection Shake-to-Connect


If you’re looking for an ultra-fast connection with industry-standard protocols and no history or logs, then TrueVPN is the best you can get!