Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Use a VPN in Russia

Russia and VPNs have been in the news together a lot lately, thanks to the country’s official ban on most VPNs. Ironically, this means that you need a VPN in Russia now more than ever.
Russia and VPNs have been in the news together a lot lately, thanks to the country’s official ban on most VPNs. Ironically, this means that you need a VPN in Russia now more than ever.

These days, Specifically in Russia or Ukraine, as many services gets blocked and internet activity is being monitored by both Russian and Ukrainian governments, Using a VPN becomes a big must, so we’re going to tell you top 5 reasons of why you must use a VPN while being in Russia.

During the 2022 war between Russia and Ukraine, VPNs have been in the news together a lot lately, thanks to the country’s official ban on most VPNs. Ironically, this means that you need a VPN in Russia now more than ever.

You’ll need to choose your VPN carefully, as many are blocked in Russia and others do sketchy things with your data or even use it for profiling, And if you don’t know what data-profiling is, You should read this story.

But pick the right one and you’ll be glad you did. Here are 5 reasons why.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Use a VPN While being in Russia

Top 5 reasons why you must use a VPN in Russia
Top 5 reasons why you must use a VPN in Russia

Within this story, we’re going to discuss why you should use a VPN while being in Russia or Ukraine.

We will focus on top five important factors that you should consider whenever you use the internet or choosing the right VPN service provider based on technical factors.

Internet Censorship

The Russian government maintains an internet blacklist — a list of websites that are blocked to all internet users in Russia.

At first, the list was made up of sites that contained child pornography and similar offensive content. But over time, it’s expanded to include sites that are “suspected of extremism” or that “violate the established order.”

These terms are so vague that they permit the government to block pretty much any website it desires. Blocked sites include the Internet Archive, Rutracker (a torrent site), LGBTQ sites and the video sharing site Dailymotion.

If you want to access any of these banned sites, you’ll need to use a VPN. Because it encrypts your traffic, Russia’ web filters won’t be able to stop you from viewing sites on the blacklist.

Recently, TrueVPN introduced TrueDome® which is picks a military-grade cyber defense force when it comes to user privacy.

TrueVPN’s introduces TrueDome on Twitter

So if you live in Russia, Make sure to enable TrueDome before connecting to a VPN.

And if you don’t know how to Enable TrueDome, Follow this guide

Bypass Communication Limits

Anyone lives in Russia knows that common internet communications are monitored by Russian government or even blocked entirely.

In Russia, encrypted messengers like Telegram and encrypted email services like ProtonMail are blocked. Additionally, accessing the professional networking site LinkedIn is prohibited.

Using a VPN lets you get around these blockades and keep communicating through your channels of choice. If you’re sending sensitive messages that you want to keep private, a VPN is a must-have.

If you use TrueVPN as your favorite VPN service provider and you just want to use a VPN to bypass VOIP blocking or social blocking, Make sure to enable SmartMask feature which allows you to connect to obfuscated servers.

Russia Engages in Heavy Internet Monitoring

The Russian government is quite open about the fact that it monitors everything on the internet through multiple means.

ISPs in Russia are required to run software that allows the government to monitor internet traffic. It uses deep packet inspection to examine metadata and gather more information on your activity.

Additionally, public WiFi operators are legally required to collect your personal information, including your passport info, before letting you use the network.

It’s next to impossible to maintain your online privacy in Russia unless you use a VPN. Despite the heavy monitoring that goes on, a VPN’s encryption will keep your data secure.

You Could Go to Jail Without a VPN

Russia’s battle against “fake news” isn’t just symbolic: it can have real effects on your life, especially if you like to get political online.

In Russia, spreading so-called “fake news” online can net you a fine of up to $75 per incident. And if you’re a legal entity, that fine goes up to $15,000.

That’s not to mention what happens if you post anything that goes against Russia or Putin. Get caught doing that and you could go to jail for 15 days — just for making a post online.

Encrypting your data with a VPN will reduce your trackability and make it safer for you to express yourself online.

Best VPN To Use In Russia

Choosing a VPN provider is not that easy, Simply you’re trusting a VPN provider over your ISP.

So, don’t be fooled into believing that all VPNs offer the same service, Figuring out what you need a VPN for and deciding what features are important to you will help you choose the best one.

Which VPN should be trusted in Russia

The right VPN Provider must take your trust very seriously, Encrypt your data with industry standards encryption and offer a verified zero-log privacy policy.

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You need a VPN in Russia especially if you are a journalist or politician, Your choice of your VPN service provider should be carefully taken.