Why You Should Use a VPN In 2020

You may think that using a VPN is important for everyone. In the past few years the world has gone through multiple cyber attacks on security agencies like NSA and GCHQ and the entire Internet is becoming more and more unsafe and insecure. No matter if you're a privacy advocate or the most paranoid of privacy advocates, it's clear that everyone should use a VPN.
You may think that using a VPN is important for everyone. In the past few years the world has gone through multiple cyber attacks on security agencies like NSA and GCHQ and the entire Internet is becoming more and more unsafe and insecure. No matter if you're a privacy advocate or the most paranoid of privacy advocates, it's clear that everyone should use a VPN.

The reasons are many and varied. Taking advantage of the plethora of online services to keep yourself safe is one of the major perks of using a VPN.
Here are a few more reasons for using a VPN to encrypt data and secure your online activity.

You may think that using a VPN is a “must” for everyone. In the past few years the world has gone through multiple cyber attacks on security agencies like NSA and GCHQ and the entire Internet is becoming more and more unsafe and insecure. No matter if you’re a privacy advocate or the most paranoid of privacy advocates, it’s clear that everyone should use a VPN.

Even Google has admitted that almost all of its traffic is being collected and spying on from other countries. As a result, governments around the world have demanded that Google and other Internet giants close their borders to all traffic leaving or entering their countries.

How VPN Works?

VPN is a method which allows you to access the internet anonymously and to ensure that your data is secure and your internet connection is not subject to slow, bandwidth restricted, or blocked sites. In an ideal world, all of this would be done on your mobile phone or tablet and that is where the magic happens, your data would be secure, and the internet could work the way it should. This is what VPN is meant for and there is a wide variety of good ones available at the moment.

How VPN Works

Before talking about why you should use a VPN, You need to know the benefits of using a VPN.

Benefits Of Using a VPN

The main benefits of using a VPN is protect personal privacy, guard against censorship and protect one’s identity online. A VPN protects your device from attackers and malware and secures your communication on the internet, something that is usually not possible with online services without ad tracking.

VPNs can be used for a wide variety of activities, such as surfing anonymously and bypassing IP address censorship (for example, China Internet Control (China Unicom) DNS) or bypassing content restriction in mobile networks (for example, China Telecom).

Now, Lets talk about why you should use a VPN, and how important is it.

Why to use a VPN

VPNs can speed up your internet connection and enhance the privacy and security of your computer.
In addition, using a VPN could help protect your computer and ensure that its information is secure from spying hackers

However, Here’s why you should use a VPN and how to get the best VPN on your device step by step.

Protect Your Home Network

What if hackers went on a rampage and destroyed your home network? This could be the cause of a lot of health, financial, and public safety issues. If you want to keep yourself safe and your network protected from hackers, it is a good idea to use a VPN.

Hide Your IP Address

You can use a VPN to get your device’s IP address changed or to Hide your IP address, which will allow you to surf the web anonymously. You can use it to hide your identity. By connecting to a VPN, you can mask your real IP address. This will ensure that your online activities remain completely anonymous. You can connect to a public VPN or one with an IP address located in a different country than your own.
This will allow you to access blocked websites and services.

This VPN ensures that you and the sites you visit are safe from the tracking technologies that may be deployed by cybercriminals. VPNs use encryption techniques that block unauthorized entities to ensure the best security for you.

Prevent Cyber Threats

A VPN is like the shoulder on your armor – it gives you a massive advantage over anyone trying to intercept your communication. It’s great for security of your data and your privacy. Because the internet is so unpredictable and there is a lot of misleading information, you need to be extra cautious. The best VPNs are quality of service and they are capable of addressing various types of cyber threats and must be used with absolute necessity

Access Restricted Contents

Use a VPN if you plan to do online activities away from your country’s network that are not authorized by your Internet service provider. Use a VPN if you need to be online and access international contents in a restricted region such as in Europe or the US.


VPN uses encryption protocols such as IPSec and OpenVPN to make a user anonymous on the internet. VPN is the best option to secure your Internet browsing with the maximum internet privacy. VPN connects the user to your home or office network, making the user anonymous and secure from eavesdropping and monitoring.


If you need to play games that are restricted in some way, such as FPS games, some online PC games, or anything that is restricted, we highly recommend that you use a VPN. These tools can also help your computer perform better, speed up your web browsing, and allow you to see your IP address. TrueVPN can also work perfectly.


The best example of why to use VPN on Netflix is probably the recent launch of Netflix streaming original series. Even though Netflix hasn’t officially announced Netflix servers outside of the United States, a host of countries around the world use Netflix servers to ensure you don’t miss out on any upcoming episodes.

However, with VPN you can bypass those slow Netflix servers to stream all your favorite movies online. However, a VPN will not help you watch US Netflix in Ultra HD (4K) which will require a VPN service to stream it.


If you are going to shop online in Sweden, you need to pick an online shopping service provider. Only those which offer good protection and privacy are preferred. In general, and after more than a decade of investing in this field, we find a good public server provider is a great way to buy a product and not reveal any personal information.

This is not always true though, so always go with the VPN that offers you the best protection and privacy. We feel that secure VPN can be of great advantage for online shopping in Sweden.

What is the Best VPN In 2020

How to choose a VPN; Choosing the best VPN that works for you is going to be very important.
However, Choose a VPN that focuses on speed and reliability.
A good VPN has a good but not amazing speed. Instead, the VPN should be used for high-end streaming requirements. By the same token, your VPN should not be slow and its bandwidth should be very stable. Your VPN should also take care of your connection and keep it up to date.

A VPN with a slower connection will make your streaming experience even slower.
Choose a VPN with good logging policies and also a good server location.
You should use a VPN with an excellent logging policy.

There is a lot of competition among the VPN software developers on the market, so as you can imagine it is difficult to find the best VPN app. This is why we’ve created a TrueVPN

Why TrueVPN is Your Best Choice for 2020

After we explained the main reasons to use a VPN, and how to choose your best VPN providers, We’re going to explain why you should use TrueVPN.

For people who don’t know what TrueVPN is,
TrueVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN provider in 2020, thanks to it’s ultrafast optimized servers and it’s focus on privacy, We’ve an article explains why you should use TrueVPN over others, We recommends to check it out.


Competitive advantages of TrueVPN

Of course TrueVPN comes with a lot of beloved and innovative features.

  • No Traffic Logs! — Your privacy is always yours!
  • No Volume and speed restrictions of Internet traffic.
  • TrueVPN network covers almost worldwide locations
  • Reliable and fast servers.
  • Especially-made VPN servers for Streaming and Gaming
  • Privacy focused
  • Ultra-secure
  • Kill Switch
  • Lockdown Mode
  • More..

We discussed above the primary goals for choosing your best VPN,
So let’s talk a bit of what’s make TrueVPN a truly True VPN.

1. Zero Traffic Logs

From the creation of TrueVPN, The main goal is to secure users’ privacy, So, TrueVPN don’t monitor, track, or store what you do online. That means no connection or activity logs.

2. Security

If you’re using TrueVPN on one of your devices, You’ve probably noticed that TrueVPN is maximizing your security and privacy by encrypting your traffic and offering a built-in features such as firewall, TrueBlocker or AdBlocker to block ads, trackers, and other analytics services.

3. Encryption

TrueVPN guard your personal data by using industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption, Basically, when you run a TrueVPN app and connect to a VPN server, your connection requests are encrypted before they are sent to the server.

4. Ultrafast VPN Servers

Proudly, TrueVPN became the world’s fastest VPN provider thanks to it’s ultrafast servers which optimized for speed, As mentioned, by having a 10 Gbps Ethernet port on a VPN server, and a good server location with low latency it maximizes you connection speed, Of course you can perform a Speed-test and compare TrueVPN to any other VPN provider.

5. Worldwide VPN Locations

When it comes to VPN networks, There’s no other competitor can compete with TrueVPN in terms of VPN location, TrueVPN’s network the the world’s largest VPN network ever, with more than 1900+ VPN Servers deployed in 89+ countries and 1400+ WireGuard VPN servers deployed in 51+ countries, And of course all of these VPN servers are optimized for streaming and gaming.

6. User Guide And Support

TrueVPN comes with Built-in AI-Powered virtual assistant to help users 24/7, In addition to the complete user guide and also offers premium support tickets operated by experts to help users at anytime.

7. Unlimited Devices

You can use your free TrueVPN account on all of your devices, So no matter if your son is watching Netflix on a Tablet while you work on your computer, TrueVPN supports unlimited devices with maximum of 10 devices connected on the same time.

Here’s a small comparison between TrueVPN and other VPN providers.

TrueVPN vs others

Download TrueVPN

TrueVPN App is available for the following platforms

  • Mac OS X
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

If your device is listed here so you can download TrueVPN from Apple’s AppStore.
But, If your device is not supported yet, You can use TrueVPN also by configuring its servers manually on your device.


In 2020, You should use a VPN to secure your device and unlock restricted contents in your country, If you’re interested in shopping online or traveling you can use a VPN to get the best deals with low prices, and if you’re one of these people who interested in watching movies or playing games, use a VPN to unlock international contents; by far, TrueVPN is your best choice in terms of all of that.