Risks of using a public Wifi

Critical Warning: The Risks of Using Public WiFi Networks

The risks of using a public Wi-Fi networks is very high, most common reason that people connect to a public Wi-Fi network is because it's easy and free. It's hard to find much information on the web about the risks of these connections.
The risks of using a public Wi-Fi networks is very high, most common reason that people connect to a public Wi-Fi network is because it's easy and free. It's hard to find much information on the web about the risks of these connections.

The risks of using a public Wi-Fi networks is very high, most common reason that people connect to a public Wi-Fi network is because it’s easy and free. It’s hard to find much information on the web about the risks of these connections. There are a number of ways that a potential user may connect to a public Wi-Fi network.

So, What is the Risks of using a Public Wi-Fi Network?

The Risks Of Using Public WiFi Networks

There are many risks of using a public WiFi networks, from stealing your personal data, including your financial information to even more worth than that, We will talk about the risks of using a public Wi-Fi in details in this blog post and how to avoid these risks.

Critical Warning: The Risks of Using Public Wi-Fi Networks
Critical Warning: The Risks of Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Hacking Your Data

The biggest threat to free Wi-Fi security is the ability for the hacker to position himself between you and the connection point. So instead of talking directly with the hotspot, you’re sending your information to the hacker, who then using it for worst reasons.

Hackers can also use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to distribute malware. If you allow file-sharing across a network, the hacker can easily plant infected software on your computer. Some ingenious hackers have even managed to hack the connection point itself, causing a pop-up window to appear during the connection process offering an upgrade to a piece of popular software. Clicking the window installs the malware.

Viruses And Malwares

Public Wi-Fi networks isn’t secure at all, Viruses can use WiFi to spread from computer to computer and in some cases leap between nearby networks to find new targets connected, the device can see and interact with other devices (PCs and servers) on the network according to the network sharing policies.

Crypto Currencies Mining

At the current time, cryptocurrencies mining is a hobby in the sense that miners actually have to enter into a certain degree of risk if they want to stake their time on a regular basis. However, this risk is now very much being reduced as it has been discovered that the best way to ensure that a mining rig will always be earning its owner a positive return is to factor in other sources of revenue, such as cryptocurrencies sales as well as purchasing services and mining hardware from others.

When connecting to a Public Wi-Fi, Hackers may found a way to mine crypto currencies directly on your device using your browser engine.

Ads, Analytics & Trackers Everywhere

When connecting to a public Wi-Fi, be sure that these days there’s no service is free without cost.

If you’re not paying for a product, You’re the product

Quote about paying attention of free services.

As we mentioned, If you do not pay for a product, you’ll become the product, That’s simple!
The same thing applies on free Wi-Fi network, it can be made free for a purpose, Some places may offer a public WiFi network just for selling Ads or to develop an analytics tools to analyze your behavior.

How to Avoid Risks of Public W-Fi Networks

Ok, Now you maybe asking your self, What should i do about it?
And how to avoid these kind of threads.

If you didn’t asked yourself that kind of question, Do not waste your time reading the rest of this article.

Here’s how to protect yourself from these risks.

Use a Good VPN

According to the leading cyber security company Kaspersky
The risks of using a public Wi-Fi networks can be solved by using a VPN with high encryption.

A virtual private network (VPN) connection is a “must” when connecting to your business through an unsecured connection, like a Wi-Fi hotspot. Even if a hacker manages to position himself in the middle of your connection, the data here will be strongly encrypted. Since most hackers are after an easy target, they’ll likely discard stolen information rather than put it through a lengthy decryption process.

Kaspersky – Leading Cyber Security Company

But, of course not every VPN service provider is able to protect you, And some VPN providers may surely become over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”. And we think that you will also know it when you see it.

A lot of VPN service provider pretends to offer the best security for the end-user by protecting user’s data from being sent to the ISP, But in-fact they’re collecting users’ data internally for a purpose rather than protecting it.

This is one of the dirty behaviors of free VPNs, And that’s the meaning of crossing the line.

Here are some tips to help you out choosing a good VPN.

Because we know that the meaning of choosing a good VPN is “Subjective”, And not easy, We have an article explaining how you can choose your best VPN provider, We recommends to check it out.

1. Avoid FREE VPNs

For any cybersecurity company, using or even thinking about using a completely free VPN is a Big No that’s because as we mentioned, If you’re not paying for a product, You’re the product.

For me, As a cybersecurity specialist, Using a FREE VPN to protect you from risks of using a public Wi-Fi network is quite funny, it’s like you’re trying to find a hacker who wants to steal your data to protect your data! 😂

Running and maintaining a single VPN server can cost $2 to $10 a month in average to be paid every single month, so do you really think that there’s someone who’s willing to pay this money for the cloud infrastructures and just send it to you without a cost?

Of course, The costs will be higher than that! You properly asking your self, I’m not important, they can do what ever they wants with my data, but i’m not going to pay for a VPN anyway, So did you even realized that your personal data can be profiled and used for political reasons? or for another scheme such as predicting some sensitive information about you?

You can learn more about that in this article

2. Choose a Trusted VPN Provider

A Trusted VPN Provider like TrueVPN is able to protect your data and extend the protection to the highest level of security.

Take TrueVPN for example, The TrueVPN app is built for security and privacy, the main goal of the company is to provide the best security for the enduser, TrueVPN is one of the world’s fastest and trusted VPN providers in 2020 that built to provide the premium and modern technologies directly to the user, the company also have it own Quality Control department to make sure that every build of the app meets the highest security measures and it’s modern premium standards.

You can learn more about TrueVPN by visiting this website or by reading this article

What is TrueVPN

TrueVPN is one of the safest and easiest ways to access all your favorite online content.
With super fast VPN servers and other premium features, TrueVPN is the best choice for you.

With TrueVPN your privacy is always yours, your data will be encrypted and your online browsing will remain completely anonymous, private and secure wherever you are.

TrueVPN - The world's fastest VPN provider
The world’s fastest VPN provider

TrueVPN in addition to it’s key features, it’s primary focus is to secure your device’s connection while you’re connected to public wifi hotspots, cellular data networks, and other public locations. It works just like a free proxy but it’s even more secure. Your password and your personal data is secured and you are protected from hacker attacks.

Competitive Advantages of TrueVPN

TrueVPN comes to the VPN market with a lot of beloved and innovative features.

  • No Traffic Logs! — Your privacy is always yours!
  • No Volume and speed restrictions of Internet traffic.
  • TrueVPN network covers almost worldwide locations
  • Reliable and fast servers.
  • Especially-made VPN servers for Streaming and Gaming
  • Privacy focused
  • Ultra-secure
  • Kill Switch
  • Lockdown Mode
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Firewall Built-in
  • More..

But when comparing TrueVPN to another in terms of value.
Here are a few of its advantages compared to other VPN providers.

Supported Protocols745
Maximum DevicesUnlimited56
VPN On DemandYesNoNo
Kill SwitchYesNoNo
PricingFree trial then
$3.99 a month
Non-free trial
Non-free trial
Comparing TrueVPN to other VPN service providers

Now, You probably know what is the best VPN provider for you, and how you can choose your best VPN provider, If you decided to use a VPN, That’s a good decision.

How To Download TrueVPN

TrueVPN App is available for the following platforms

  • Mac OS X
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

If your device is listed here so you can download TrueVPN from Apple’s AppStore.
But, If your device is not supported yet, You can use TrueVPN also by configuring its servers manually on your device.

FAQs Regarding TrueVPN

Is TrueVPN Free?


TrueVPN is a freemium software which offers a free basic subscriptions and premium subscriptions.

Does TrueVPN Available for iPhone or iPad?

Yes, TrueVPN is perfectly works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Does TrueVPN Available for Mac?

Yes, TrueVPN is available for macOS, Requires macOS version 10.12 or later.

Does TrueVPN Available for Android?

Since TrueVPN is focusing on security, Android platform isn’t optimized yet to support high end protocols, But you can connect to TrueVPN’s WireGuard powered servers on android using WireGuard.

Is TrueVPN legal?

Yes, Using a VPN is legal in almost worldwide countries, some countries may requires a VPN license.


Avoid using a Public Wi-Fi Network, And if you do, Make sure to use a good VPN, In 2020, You should use a VPN to secure your device and unlock restricted contents in your country, If you’re interested in shopping online or traveling you can use a VPN to get the best deals with low prices, and if you’re one of these people who interested in watching movies or playing games, use a VPN to unlock international contents; by far, TrueVPN is your best choice in terms of all of that.