TrueVPN Rolls Out It’s Mac OS X App With Brand-new Technologies

After releasing TrueVPN for iPad, TrueVPN team are pleased to announce the release of macOS version of TrueVPN.
After releasing TrueVPN for iPad, TrueVPN team are pleased to announce the release of macOS version of TrueVPN.

TrueVPN Rolls Out It’s macOS App With Brand-new Technology.

TrueVPN announces its release of macOS Application on Mac AppStore right after announcing the release of TrueVPN for iPad with brand new technology for people who looking for privacy and security.

For people who don’t know what TrueVPN is, TrueVPN one of the world’s leading VPN providers of 2020, with more than 1900+ Ultrafast and secure VPN servers deployed in 89+ countries.

TrueVPN Network

When it comes to the accessibility, There’s no any other VPN provider can even reach to the same network level of accessibility and reachability, TrueVPN’s network empowered with more than 1900+ Ultrafast and secure VPN servers deployed in more and 89+ countries worldwide, So by providing that, Users will be able to speed-up their connectivity by connecting to more nearby locations, and even unlock more content on the internet that’s only offered for a specific location.

TrueVPN’s Focus

TrueVPN’a focus is to maximize user’s protection and security by providing additional technologies within the app along with it’s highly secured VPN network.

TrueVPN for Mac

TrueVPN for macOS comes with the same beautiful UI that introduced on iPhone and iPad apps, in addition to the UI, it comes with a pack of security features designed just for Macs, from the KillSwitch, Lockdown and other security features to OpenVPN and WireGuard support.

Here are some security features introduced on TrueVPN for Mac

  1. KillSwitch
  2. Lockdown Mode
  3. Extended Privacy
  4. TrueBlocker

We will explain the use of each feature one by one.

TrueVPN’s Kill Switch

Let’s starts by explaining KillSwitch.

So what is KillSwitch?
According to the TrueVPN’s official website, A VPN Kill Switch is an automatic deactivation button for your internet connection. Kill Switch disables your internet connection on a system level if your VPN connection would drop without warning. This ensures your traffic your sensitive information is always under the protection of our industry-leading encryption and security protocols.

Learn more about TrueVPN’s KillSwitch

Now, Let’s talk about the most amazing feature of TrueVPN.

Lockdown Mode

For people who don’t know what Lockdown mode is, The Lockdown mode is a brand-new technology developed just for TrueVPN to provide the maximum protection and security for the enduser, This feature can be activated in-case of hackers’ Attacks.

How TrueVPN’s Lockdown Mode Works?

Technically, Lockdown Mode offers an extra layers of protection by checking some behaviors to the extended blocking, So it’s not just a feature, It’s like a security features all packed in one technology.

When activated, TrueVPN will perform many operations at once every 30 seconds such as:

  • Check for any IP Changes or DNS Leak.
  • Checking The Network’s behavior
  • Check for Deep Packet Inspection impact on connectivity.
  • Blocks Any traffic goes to any Ad or Analytics Network such as (Facebook Ads, Google Ads )
  • Blocks Trackers while browsing the web or within other other apps.

You can learn more about Lockdown mode from TrueVPN’s website or TrueVPN Guide

Extended Privacy

When talking about Privacy, There’s no other VPN provider offers the same level of privacy features like TrueVPN, So TrueVPN for Mac or any other platform is powered with an effective personal security tools to make sure the user is enjoying his right to privacy, These tools can be found within the app and even with connectivity, TrueVPN offers ZERO-LOG privacy policy.


Now, Let’s talk about TrueBlocker, Your free TrueVPN’s AdBlocker that actively protects you from malware and phishing attempts.

TrueVPN’s built-in TrueBlocker protects you from hackers, ads and web trackers by provide a high-end AdBlocking filters to Safari or to re-route your traffic to the TrueVPN tunnel and block ads and trackers or any other service violates user’s privacy.

Learn more about TrueBlocker

Things To Love About TrueVPN

Of course TrueVPN is not just like any other VPN provider, TrueVPN came to the VPN industry with competitive technologies.


Your data is always safe, because we rely on industry-leading methods to protect it. We only use modern ciphers to encrypt the traffic!

Unlimited Devices

Connect all your devices simultaneously if you want — we don’t impose limits! You can protect all the family with just one TrueVPN account.

Kill Switch

This is our safety net to make sure your sensitive data is always safe. Kill Switch disables your internet connection if your VPN connection drops.

Hide Your IP

Your IP can reveal a lot about you — like your location & download history. With TrueVPN for iPhone, you can easily change it to protect your privacy online.

Private DNS

We have private DNS on every server. That means we don’t leave any cracks for potential breaches or leaks on your iPhone.


Explore the exciting features of TrueVPN by downloading the App from Apple’s AppStore or from the official website of TrueVPN

We have an article also explains Why You Should use TrueVPN, We recommends to check it out.

TrueVPN Pricing

When it comes to Pricing, TrueVPN is the world’s cheapest VPN provider with industry premium standards.

TrueVPN offers a premium subscriptions starts from $1.99/mo to the annually plan for just $39.99/year.

Other VPN Providers with non-industry premium standards are overpriced, so when comparing TrueVPN vs. any other competitor, TrueVPN is the winner in terms of pricing and value.

Download TrueVPN

Everybody can download TrueVPN for free from Apple’s AppStore.
Of course TrueVPN is a freemium app, so users are free to decide to stay using it Free or upgrade their subscriptions to Premium.